It all started in Ireland in the 1830s


Croquet was the first outdoor game that could be played by men and women together, giving the young a rare opportunity to meet and flirt. Like Victorian Tinder?

20 years later Croquet became an instant success in England

Lewis Carroll featured a surreal version of the game in Alice in Wonderland. A hedgehog was used as the ball and a flamingo as the mallet, while soldiers doubled over to make the hoops.

Rules were established & competitions commenced

It’s not all about Tennis - the first national Croquet headquarters was at Wimbledon

Fun Fact: The size of a tennis court is exactly half that of a croquet lawn

Putting your foot on the ball during a Croquet stroke was outlawed, but we won’t say anything if you don’t!

Croquet featured in the Paris Olympics. Bring on Tokyo?

Between World Wars the game spread rapidly, mainly to the Aussies and Kiwis

An injection of young players gave Croquet some much needed momentum

Madonna has the hang of it

Croquet reached the South Pole when American scientists became the first to play a game there, in the snow, outside the South Pole Observatory

Blair’s away so Prescott plays Croquet while supposedly running the country. This prompted a 300% surge in sales of Croquet sets at Asda.

Things get heated between Clooney & Pitt at Hotel du Cap in Cannes

Rapper P Diddy held a Croquet party to celebrate becoming the first rapper to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Pippa Middleton writes a "MarvellouslyBritish Guide to Croquet". Apparently, it's a test of strategy. skill and tactics - or just an excuse to drink Pimm's and flirt

London's first Croquet Bar, Mallets & Hoops is a unique experience in the heart of London that combines the quintissentially British sport, with socialising. Enjoy the game, before retreating to our bar and enjoying the street food and live music. 


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